Tuna & Beans

Sole Mare Tuna & Beans was a pioneer of the Australian tuna ‘meal-in-a-can’ concept.  Although usable as an ingredient in a sauce or a salad, this product is designed to be a ready-to-eat meal from the second you open the can.  It is made from only prime-quality tuna, real olive oil, tender mixed beans and a secret selection of herbs.  This recipe has launched this product into a position where it has been the leader in its category for several years.



What to look for in this product:

•Great tasting succulent Mediterranean style tuna flakes that are meatier and tender, not shredded
Juicy, pink, flavoursome flesh, unlike the grey and dusty-flavoured tuna coming out of many mass-market brands
100% pure sunflower oil that gives a smooth mellow flavour with a distinct aroma that delight your taste buds
Delicate flavour from the secret recipe of herbs.
High quality, tender beans that retain their bite (not mushy like others)



Suggested uses:

•Ideal to eat as it is straight from the can, perfect for a light lunch – just bring a fork!
•Stir it in to just-cooked pasta for the perfect quick meal
•Add delicious flavour to your salad or as a filing for your focaccia
•Don’t forget: You don’t have to drain the oil because it is great quality olive oil with a special mix of herbs that can easily be a part of your dressing or cooking sauce!

Tuna & Beans

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