Peeled Tomatoes

Cirio’s legendary peeled plum tomatoes are the result of a long tradition and passion for tomatoes. Grown on sun-drenched Italian vines, only the plumpest, ripest, juiciest tomatoes with just the right colour intensity, texture and depth of flavour are selected, then pick and canned on the same day to give a fresh, distinctive and authentic taste of Italy. Cirio’s delicious tomatoes are simply perfect for preparing divine pasta sauces, meat dishes and recipes that require long cooking times; these benefits from the colour and taste that only the finest quality tomato can deliver.




What to look for in this product:

Consistently large and juicy fruit, without unripe green tomatoes .
Rich, red succulent tomatoes with lingering taste
•A can full of flavour that excites your mouth, not a watery mush.
Consistent quality in every can


Suggested uses:

•Perfect for preparing divine pasta sauces, meat dishes that require long cooking time
•Mixed with Val Verde Cannellini beans for  a Tuscan style Cannellini all’uccelletto

Peeled Tomatoes

Size 12x400g

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