Passata Rustica

Cirio Passata Rustica tomatoes boast an unmistakable consistency texture and body to bring a thick textured Passata that you can literally pick up with a fork.  Our  finest quality tomatoes are picked at their ripest and passed through a sieve with large holes  to create an authentic Italian Passata just like a traditional homemade recipes that burst with the taste of fresh tomatoes!  It’s the original and the best!  Add to recipes that require short cooking times and infuse strong flavours into pasta or vegetable side dishes. Or use simply as a pizza topping!




What to look for in this product:

Thick, dense consistency that gives that rustic, home-made texture
•A delicate taste that is both distinctive and unmistakeably authentic
•A bottle full of flavour that excites your mouth, not a watery mush.
Consistent quality in every bottle


Suggested uses:

•Use as base for pasta sauce or ragu
•Perfect for pizza and add depth to tomato soup

Passata Rustica

Size 6x680g

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