Chilli Pesto

The freshest ingredients combine to produce this wonderfully intense sauce. The name Pesto comes from the word “pestare” in Italian meaning to pound, because all ingredients are pounded together. Just spoon it over pasta or use it as an ingredient in your dishes to transform an everyday meal into a rewarding Italian experience.



Saclà’s Chili Pesto is the perfect way to add some fire to your cooking. Made with a special blend of chillies, red pepper, pecorino cheese, almonds, spices and fresh herbs. Saclà Chili Pesto is sensational when you want to add a little 'arrabbiata' to your Italian meals, but is also suitable for Mexican, Indian and spicy Asian dishes, or simply as a spread in your humble sandwich.



What to look for in this product:

•Rich, delicate and full chilli flavour that is ready-to-use straight from the jar
•Focus on real ingredients with real flavour
•Thick texture and bold, fresh colours
•A taste of artisinal Italian pesto in every jar, not a mass-produced, artificial processed sauce.
•Consistently top quality every time you open a jar


Suggested uses:

•Liven up a salad dressing with a spoonful of Saclà Chilli Pesto – delicious on rocket and roasted pumpkin salad
•Make a quick spicy taco or burrito filling by browning onion and mince and stirring in Saclà Chilli Pesto
•Spread a crumbed schnitzel with Saclà Chilli Pesto, top with mozzarella cheese and grill until melted for a hot parmigiana
•Spice up your favourite sandwich with a new spread

Stir-through with pasta for a quick fix

Chilli Pesto

Size 6x190g

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