Cherry tomato Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

Saclà original pasta sauces are full of vine-ripened tomatoes that are passionately produced with a soffritto base of extra virgin olive oil, celery, carrots and onion. The tradition of braising the ingredients has long been the essence of a true Italian sauce - an undiscovered secret finally unveiled. Whatever you are looking for, you can make your cooking more authentic with Saclà original pasta sauce.


This is a wake-up call for tomatoes everywhere. Your days of dozing in the warm Italian sun are numbered. Tomato and Chilli is here. In Italy this classic translates as 'angry' because of the heat produced by the kick and vibrancy of the chillies. But we're pretty sure you'll be 'thrilled' with this fiery combination. This sauce is hot, hot, hot and by that we don't just mean popular. So stir it into your chosen pasta, keep it on a low flame while it sizzles, and serve it with a really chilled bottle of wine.


What to look for in this product:

Rich, creamy sweet sauce as compared to others which is watery
•Real whole red Italian cherry tomatoes
•Fresh chilli taste that is full of strength and aroma
•A taste of artisinal Italian sauce in every jar, not a mass-produced, artificial processed sauce.
•Consistently top quality every time you open a jar


Suggested uses:

•Perfect to served with any Rummo Pasta of your choice sprinkle with parmesan cheese
•Also great as a sauce for chicken or veal parmesan and stuffed manicotti or peppers

Cherry tomato Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

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