Produced by Portugal’s premier fish cannery and caught in locally owned boats close to the Portuguese coast where the canning factories are located, Santamaria Sardines have been on the Australian palate for the past 25 years.



Caught in the deep waters off the coast of Portugal during prime fishing seasons, Portuguese sardines are known for being amongst the most fleshy and tender sardines in the world when compared to those from other seas.  A measure of fat content imparts exquisite flavour, consistent as each sardine is carefully selected by well-seasoned connoisseurs, who are the heirs to over a century of expertise and traditional methods.



Portuguese sardines are world renowned for their size, taste and texture. Using only whole fish, uniform in size with no heads or tails, Santamaria Sardines are canned within 8 hours of the catch. This results in a cleaner, better tasting fish; the process preserves the delicate taste of the sardine.



Did you know?

  • Sardines derive from the Mediterranean island Sardinia, (west of Italy) where small fish were in abundance
  • The sardine canning industry was initiated by Napoleon Bonaparte to provide the masses with cheap protein 
  • Sardines are not born as sardines. They become sardines after they are in the tin. Sardine is usually a generic term applied to a various kind of small fish.