Francesco Cirio was born in Asti, Italy in 1836 to a humble grain trader. By the age of 14 he was already working at the fruit and vegetable markets in Turin. A few years later he developed the concept of packing fresh peas in cans. From that point onwards, the canned food industry was born. At the age of 20 he opened the first Cirio factory in Torino and thereafter established tomato plantations and productions in the Southern of Italy, an ideal Mediterranean climate for growing tomatoes.


The influence of tomatoes on Italian cuisine is unquestionable. Bringing versatility, intense vibrant colour and deep flavours to enrich many dishes that still enjoy global popularity - from the finest restaurants to everyday home cooking - no product has defined Italian cuisine more than the tomato, and this is where the expertise of Cirio lies. Cirio tomatoes are made with 100% Italian tomatoes harvested and processed on the same day.



Did you know?

  • The Margherita pizza was invented by Francesco Cirio who dedicated it to the Italian Queen in 1912. The pizza was designed to display all three colors of Italy – Red(tomatoes), green (Basil) and White (mozzarella cheese)
  • No harvesting of tomatoes for Cirio will be done if it’s raining as moisture adds more acidity to the tomatoes.  
  • Not all tomatoes harvested in a day goes to Cirio, only the best of the best are pick for Cirio, that’s how strict their quality is. And not all day are good for picking tomatoes for Cirio, they use weather satellites to determine the perfect day for picking Cirio tomatoes.