About Us


What is “Fine Food Depot”?


It may sound like a contradiction, but allow us to explain:  A depot is “a place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or goods”. Ours is all about great food and beverage.  So, we are simply inviting you to indulge in premium foods at warehouse-style quantities at warehouse-type prices.  We are a team of foodists with passion for finding high quality, specialty foods at great prices.  Everyone has to eat, and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to eat quality food.   


Our Fine Food Depot model is simple – if you purchase in bulk, we save, and therefore you save…big!  And since we are an online business with just a warehouse with a delivery driver, we can afford to give you great prices, all the time!  Better still, you get to avoid the traffic, the supermarket, the heavy bags to carry and just order from the comfort of your home or workplace.


So whether pasta is your thing, if you bathe your food in olive oil or you are just one of those who can’t start the day without a double-shot espresso, we suggest you clear a little shelf in your pantry or your garage and get your Fine Food Depot delivery to stock up (and never run out again).     Maybe you are a small business that wants a fairly-priced supply of coffee, tea, biscuits and other goodies for your office, or a shop or café needing quantities of top-quality food products, we are happy to count you as part of our Fine Food  Depot members.


As a registered member, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets too, with decreasing delivery fee for increasing order volumes – that’s our way of thanking you for giving us your business and making each delivery larger and therefore more efficient.


We are confident you are going to love the brands and products we have selected, so start shopping now! 


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Producers and suppliers of fine foods are invited to contact Fine Food Deport to request ranging of their product on our e-store.  Minimum starting requirements: Amazing product! Bulk packs! Great prices!


Tell Us

Fine Food Depot was designed with you in mind. The goal was to provide more value into the shopping of high quality food and beverage products.  Please don’t forget to tell us what you like (or not), or what else you would like to be able to buy on our website.  We recognise that each time you visit our e-store, it is a new opportunity for us to earn the trust and loyalty of our valued customers and members, so we welcome your feedback at any time to improve our offering and service.